The firm is currently using a secure IT network system which connects all computers in the office and can be accessed through other authorised wireless means. The system makes it easy for every employee of the firm to access to any document, saved in the system and work on it at any given time.The system has a continuously running back up system to guard against loss in the event of fire and theft. The backup information is transferred to a further back up which is stored outside the vicinity of the office.

From time to time the firm sends its staff for training in various institutions to equip
them with knowledge in areas which may seem challenging. For the past three years, lawyers in the firm have attended short courses offered by Black Lawyers Association in South Africa on Banking, Advocacy Skills and Commercial Law. One of the secretaries was sent to University of Botswana to do a course called Dial a Smile for the improvement of service provision for the firm and the work ethic of the firm as a whole.

This law firm has invested in a Library that is stocked with complete set of the South African Law Reports from 1974 to November 2009, a complete set of the Botswana law reports from 1964 to 2007, the laws of Botswana, and a recent addition being a complete set of the Law Reports of The Commonwealth from 1980 to 2008. The library also has several other texts on various fields of the law to enable us to research on any topic or issue that may arise at our convenience and in the comfort of our office. We have a good working relationship with Juta and Company of South Africa and Lexis Nexis Butterworths of South Africa and the United Kingdom who supply us with texts when we require them.