Commercial Fraud Recovery Unit

This unit deals with recovery of monies fraudulently obtained from institutions, especially the banking sector. From experience of the senior partners, gained from being police officers and being prosecutors, most fraud in the bank is committed by or with the assistance of Bank employees and is complicated at times. Whilst remedy lies with reporting the perpetrators to the police and waiting for the criminal trial to be finalized with the hope of a conviction and a subsequent application for compensation, this is neither the fastest nor the only way of dealing with such fraud. There also exists a parallel, but quicker way of recovery of the banks money by suing the individual concerned for recovery of money that would have been obtained fraudulently. This route is independent from the criminal prosecution and occurs simultaneously. It is unlike the compensation from the criminal trial which is dependent on a conviction and does not take as long and therefore some proceeds of the fraud can be recovered before being dissipated or depreciating in value. Our firm has been engaged by one of The local banks to recover monies that they have lost substantial funds through fraudulently means.


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