Constitutional, Human Rights & Criminal Law Department
This department is headed by Mr. B.U Manewe. It deals with enforcement of rights, undertakes constitutional Iitigation and prides excellent criminal defence. We litigate on behalf of clients whose constitutional rights as provided for in our bill of rights are either under threat of being infringed, or have been infringed, be it by the state or any person, juristic or otherwise. We defend all criminal matters including offences that attract the capital punishment. We remain willing and able to launch private prosecution where the D.P.P declines to do so.

The firm currently has the following four departments:

This department is headed by Mr. B C Bogopa and it offers registration of deeds (transfer of title to property) & bonds, notarial cessions. servitudes, securitization, donations and other real rights in property. It also deals with company formation, offers company secretarial services and deals in all aspects of corporate law, finance and regulation.

Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Labour and Debt Recovery Department
This department is headed by Mrs. B. H. Tobedza. It deals with instituting and responding to all cases of a civil nature commercial law transactions find litigation; and offers, debt recovery services for a number of corporations. It also offers advice on Labour law issues and Litigates on behalf of clients at the Industrial Court, the High Court and The Court of Appeal. The scope of commercial law includes drawing legal contracts, interpretation of contracts and drawing legal opinions based on all civil matters of law including contracts. The scope of labour law issues include giving advice and drawing legal opinions on disciplinary procedures, retrenchment processes, drawing and reviewing policy manuals and grievance procedures; drafting employment contracts and industrial relations contracts. The department further advises and assists in ensuring compliance with statutory instruments that govern industrial relations. The Department is dedicated to ensuring that all clients obtain efficient services.

Commercial Fraud Recovery Unit
This unit deals with recovery of monies fraudulently obtained from institutions, especially the banking sector. From experience of the senior partners, gained from being police officers and being prosecutors, most fraud in the bank is committed by
or with the assistance of Bank employees and is complicated at times. read more