In February 2006, with four years of solid litigation experience, the junior partner joined Bogopa &- Manewe Attorneys where she is implementing all the high level litigation and professional skills she has acquired particularly in civil law. Mr. Busang Manewe and Mrs. Tobedza serve in the current Council for the Law Society of Botswana.


Bogopa and Manewe Attorneys is a partnership of three Attorneys which started operating on the 1st March 2005. The law firm was started by two senior partners, namely Mr. Basimane Bogopa and Mr. Busang Manewe. The two partners take pride in 9 (nine) of experience having graduated from the University of Botswana in October 2000. The two senior partners enjoyed a brief (two years) stint at the Botswana Police where they learned police investigation skills and methodology and gained a wealth of experience in the operation of the first, aspect of the criminal justice system in Botswana.

Both partners then joined the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (then the prosecutions Division of the office of the Attorney General) where through litigation skills were acquired, in addition to vast experience in the analysis of evidence, drafting of charges, conduct of trial and legal research. The partners also received training in trial advocacy, computer fraud and investigation techniques from respected institutions in the Republic of South Africa. In their usual style the two senior partners served with distinction and contributed greatly to the development of the law of the country.

In February, 2005 the partners then left the public service to realize their long held vision of setting up a world class law firm that prides itself in ethical conduct, high professional standards speedy delivery of quality service and informed litigation. -As result of the two partners' distinguished service to the society, the firm's client base grew to an extent that it outweighed them. They were then joined by a Junior Partner Mrs. Binte Hazel Tobedza in 2006. The junior partner graduated from the University of Botswana in October 2002 when she joined Briscoc Attorneys and was appointed as the Head of the Civil Litigation Department. She gained a wealth of experience commercial transactions and drawing contracts of a vast nature in the commercial field, the efficient management of debt recovery processes, general litigation procedures, industrial relations and a high standard of the drafting of legal pleadings was achieved.